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Soldiers in the Joint military Security outfit, OP-MESSA shot dead Niyi Ehindero and injured three others in Mushin, Thursday. According to reports, Niyi is the nephew of former Inspector General of Police, Sunday Ehindero.

The incident took place at Bada Street, Idi-Oro, Mushin, Lagos, South West Nigeria around 4.30 pm when Ehindero came to the area to spend the holiday with his friend.

Eye witnesses said the deceased was inside a Highlander SUV, with registration number FF 605 ARD when he was gunned down by the team leader of the OP-MESSA, a 2nd lieutenant soldier.

The OP-MESSA officers came to the area in a vehicle marked 030 and were alleged to have immediately accosted the deceased and shot him dead without a brawl.

Ehindero, 37, who lived at 5, Ogungbade Street, Mende, Maryland was said to be a businessman who distributed in diesel and had been married for five years without a child.

A police source from the Alakara Police Station confirmed that the soldiers shot dead Ehindero and that the culprits escaped before arrest, saying that the deceased was in his SUV with his friend when the OP-MESSA officers stormed the area.

It was gathered that Ehindero’s friend ran into the house when he saw the OP-MESSA officers while the deceased waited.

An eye witness said the team leader of the OP-MESSA ordered Ehindero to get out of his SUV but opened fire on him almost immediately and he died on the spot.

According to This Day, the Nigerian Army has instituted a board on inquiry into the killing.

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Hmmmmhh!!! These trigger happy men-in-uniform have done it again. Does anyone remind them that that thing they are holding in their hand is not WATER GUN!! What ever happened to a simple 'stop-and-search' or 'show-me-your-particulars/id". These men really need to be trained on how to handle unarmed and non-threatening members of the public. It is not the same as when you are dealing with armed criminals.

I read stories like this a lot and hardly is there ever an outcome that gives justice to the victim. As these mumu men-in-uniform have basically killed 'OGA PIKIN', I hope this will be the case that will help bring an end to these extra judicial killings and uniform brutality that we have come to live with and bring justice to those who have been victims. Then and only then can we say that this young man has not died in vein. As a saying goes in Igbo, "Eburu apati ozu onye ozo n'agafe, odi k'ebu osisi/ukwu nku, tupu osi n'ulo mmadu aputa' (translation: When a coffin is carried past in a funeral procession, it appears to be a mere log of wood/bundle of firewood, until the day the coffin is carried out of ones house). May the soul of the departed and those before Rest in Peace!

Over to you Nigeria Police and Nigeria Army!

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Anonymous said...

Dis form of misbehaviour by the uniform men should be put to a halt. We have heard stories like this in the past where uniform men kills unarmed civilian with impunity. This form of unconventional practice of killing innocent civilians must come to an END.