Monday, January 02, 2012


One thing that's always baffled me about Nigerians is their ability to find humor in everything, even in the most morbid.

Some say it is a good trait and shows that Nigerians possess an unfettered resolve and resilience to absorb the shock of drastic policies, political and economic upheavals and even personal danger.

However, I am of the opinion that not everything should be turned into a joke where it can be helped. As much as it appears to be a strength, it is also a great weakness that I believe the powers that be are aware of and greatly exploit.

Below are some examples of the interesting interpretations of the fuel subsidy removal and its effects as shared on Black berry and various social media

Forget the motor bikes, this ram comes in handy. This will get you to your destination before the Lagos government notice and start imposing fee on the use of rams.
Exchanging brazillian/ Aunty Funmi hair extensions is also an option if you are looking for ways to internally generate revenue
A parody in the making, and the singer W4, didn't see this one coming. If you know him, kindly tell him to remix one for the masses.

Petrol is now highly expensive and thus can be stolen by family members, more so than domestic staff. One has to shine their eye and prevent the unforseen.
This one is one of those pictures where you would rather a belt to flog the person in the picture. A bottle of Hennessy is not equivalent to one liter of petrol (I would usually end at this point with an insult, but in the spirit of christmas i shall blame this one on the government)
If the rams can't hold up, import a camel.

So what are your thoughts on this idea of entertaining ourselves through crisis?


ogbe said...

In certain parts of d world (US) certain people actually get paid millions to make parodies of serious social issues. e.g. late nite talk shows, saturday night live and even evening news. I support being serious about political and socio issues but @ d same time we are human and we need an alternative or else "we go explode". Me personally sports on tv is my refuge sometimes but since b.c. there is nothing a little comedy can't cure..

Adaure said...

i understand that much but sometimes i feel the conversations that pertain to national crisis are laced with caricatures and lots of lampooning that just take away the seriousness. By the end you are no longer sre if you set out to crack jokes or discuss issues

ogbe said...

I agree but @ d same time comedy (especially stand up , live) is based almost 100% on what's going on in d world @ that moment. Even during occupy wall street the news was led with that for like a month on a serious issue with every one debating it, but it was also being parodied on late nite and news paper sketches daily. We need that balance in life. Water and wine. Plus d dude wey chain 25 liter 2 his hand is hilarious..