Sunday, January 01, 2012


Well HELLO Y'ALL!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I can't believe I'm actually posting on blogger after almost 3 years. I feel like a prodigal daughter who's returned to her humble beginning or a rebel soldier back from the battle field. It's clear evidence that Nigeria is kicking my butt. However, this young blood is kicking back too and mighty hard if I may add. I sure as heck ain't going down without a fight and some collateral damage. You feel me?
Anyway, 2012 is here my people and it's quite heavily pregnant. We're praying not just for the metaphoric safe delivery, but one of sensible human beings at least. I'm so excited and do highly appreciate the emails, comments (and sometimes straight up hounding) from some of you wondering and asking if i'll get back to blogging. Although, I'm not sure why or what you guys were missing as I've been quite enthralled and entertained by some great blogs out there.
That aside I'm keying into the reason I started this blog in the first instance, which was to express myself on my own turf and terms and contribute to the debate in the media space on issues. Since I began 'operating' out of Nigeria, I've had to censor myself for various personal and ethical reasons. Permit me to throw in high stress levels, certain clauses of employment, Nigerian factor and being jaded into that mix. Ok! Fine...may be small enjoyment and laziness too should be on that list. And so before my very eyes, the world changed. Presidents died and I-pads were born and I've been stuck on Facebook. Revolutions and Recessions are coming and going and so are Revivals and Renaissance and I'm chatting away in the 'Zozo's Crazy Aunties' group on Blackberry . Some negroes are bombing up the place and my bride price is going down on discount and all I'm doing is updating my Twitter or reading Twitter Falls (Hmmh...shaking my head and rolling my eyes). Well let's just say that I've settled on a balance and all that's ended with 2011. Television journalism is great and all but Addy's back on the blog and back to the basics...writing.
For the longest time now, I've been having this itch. I've grown a couple of frogs in my throat and I've gotta 'cough' em all out before they choke me and turn me into a 'pestle-weilding' angry black woman. Basically, condition don make crayfish bend and my bottom-line (i.e finance, a universal language we all understand) is being affected and I am sure yours is too and I'm speaking about the Christmas and New Year presents given to us by our leaders in form of tolls and increased fuel price thanks to subsidy removal (others give tax cuts o). The situation is serious and that's led me back to blogging. So forget the pop-corn, I advise you bring your Kola-nut and Palm wine because we shall be needing those.

For those of you who are new to this blog experience, when you get some spare time, read some of my old postings so that you can get up to speed on my style, content and understand my 'P'. This is a cathartic process and it'll start out like learning to walk again so feel free to comment, ask my opinion on current affairs whether global or issues shaping and reshaping the Nigerian polity and we can take it from there. Thanks and Welcome (back). Let's go there, 2012!!


Anonymous said...

Jst go gal! Am ur number 1 fan.

Anonymous said...

yayyyy ! she's baaackkkk :-)

Omonaikee said...

Hi! Glad to see you back. Started blogging sometime around the period you took your long hiatus from blogville. Was sad to see you go so i stuck your bloglink in my blogroll, ask me why? I probably knew that dry bones shall rise again. lol. Put a link to your blog in my current post too, lets just say it's a welcome back token! lol!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
I just randomly remembered ur blog today and voila, she's back :)

Kenyan fan said...

You are back yeeeah. I thought you were done so its a nice surprise to see you back. I love your writing style, you cracked me up so many times.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

welcome back