Friday, December 30, 2005


Hot Spots Atop a Palm Tree
Wow!!! Finally technology has reached my village thanks to . Can I get a YHELLO!!!!. I can't believe it. My sister called me this morning and she was like 'Addy guess where I'm calling from?'. I was waiting for her to say something like ' I am at RDU Airport', you know to play a December Fool's joke on me. But the news was better, she was like, 'I am calling from Ekwe, your village....techno has landed o'. When she said this I was like 'are you serious... is a lie.' She said she was on top of one of of our uncle's house because that's the best place to get reception. There are too many tall trees that interfere with all that satellite connection stuff. Ah!! I was jumping and dancing. Considering the fact that we don't have paved roads or land-line telephone connection. Which means that I can talk to the old mamas in the villager and not wait till I visit. Nice!!

Meanwhile, yesterday was my last day at work...wooohooo!!!! 'The Mama Beve' got me a cake and a bunch of folks came around to send me off. There was an attempt to surprise me but they forgot about the camera in the newsroom and so I saw them setting up from the monitor in the control room. But I got some love and it's the thought that counts. So for the next one week I am hence for a miscreant and a vagrant to be henceforth kown as 'One girl and a Mazda'. (As opposed to Two Men and a Truck)

Anyways, I didn't realize how much junk I have acquired in the past years. Five giant rubber maid boxes and I am still packing. I am going to have to take my time to get rid of stuff and haul it to Goodwill. Ok I am off to continue, have to take it all to my Uncle's garage in Charlotte and I am not too hot about the 2 hour drive. But someone's gotta do it...and guess who that someone is. Me!!!!! Argghh.... the thought alone just sucks!!

Oh by the way.. You know how I tried to get the Oprah hair. Well it never came close to that. Instead I ended up with a Christiane Amanpour-just-came-from- the-war-front-messy-hair do. I think I can manage that till I get bored and go on another hair-experiment.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to papa noel and your gifts. Developed knee problems on the way to your house?? Old man Klaus must have started his yearlong vacation by now.

Adaure said...

Ha Ha Ha... I see someone's got jokes.
Well I actually got the number one item that's been on my xmas wish list for the past three years... a new full time job... and the cherry on's in sunny SoCal. What more can I ask for...wait a minute I'm allergic to cherry....err change that to mango.

The computer, the digi-cam and the canon xl-1 can all wait till next xmas

Supa said...

LOL @ the Christiane Amanpour hair reference!