Friday, December 09, 2005


And High on some Red Bull$#!+

I am at the newspaper trying to finish transcribing my bite from some interviews I did two weeks ago. It's that same story on the old people's home. I am sure if I applied myself I'll write some killer article but dude let's get real here. Two weeks and it's not done yet? That's so totally gone past brain-freeze, how about brain-baked.
This morning I didn't feel like getting outta bed. It was cold outside and plus I had a bad dream so I wanted to go back to sleep so I can correct the events of the I successfully dragged myself outta bed, took a shower, wore the same pink turtle neck sweater I wore last Friday and the Friday before that. Relax!! It was clean. Why the same sweater? Errr...It was clean!! Ok, truthfully, didn't feel like looking for another one plus I don't need to be wasting my good baffs for work. It ain't like there're any single guys to appreciate the systematic coordination of green argyle angora sweater, gray cashmere gauchos, black leather knee high boots and fur trimmed black wool coat with matching gloves and other bohemian accessories that make me look well traveled. Hello!! I so am. Like the time I 'traveled' to Forever 21,TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Sunny's and Cheng's Beauty Supplies, South Point, South Park, North Gate, East Gate, West Hills, Concord Mills, Franklin St., Broadway, 5th Ave, Downtown, Uptown and all those other outlets and prime discount destinations. The best part, not even a stamp in my passport book.
Pardon the digression, but all that dressing up in the morning in it self is way too much work not to even get a free Subway sandwich. Speaking of which, I only found out some time last month, thanks to Singto that cashmere is actually goat fur. Like oh my gosh no wonder she's at Yale. She' s like so smart and I'm like such a major retard because I always though cashmere was just more expensive or more refined wool. You know, like from a higher or better breed of sheep just as is with Merino wool. Yah!! Makes me to think back to when we would kill goats for Christmas. Imagine all the cashmere sweaters I could have had if we'd sheared the goats instead of burning their hair. Lol. I also found out that angora, rabbit fur in lay English, sheds. Now why the hell would someone strip a poor bunny rabbit only to make a sweater that disappears. Hello!?! Next we'll hear they've made a sweater out of chicken feathers that just flies away.

Enough about the lesson on traveling, fur, wool and domestic animals. I was talking about waking up this morning. Oh yeah, so I was a bit groggy so after a bowl of cereal, I downed a can of Red Bull and then stopped by McDonald's on Franklin St. to get the Sausage and Egg Biscuit. Had to put some real food in my tummy because Red Bull with out food can get you a bit too hyperactive. I guess I need something to get me up beat so that I can finish this article. Oops! My editor just asked me about it, guess that Red Bull will have to be put to test right now. I've got two more hours. Hopefully I can get a draft going before the end of the day. Otherwise, I'll be back here bitching about it on Monday and reading all the blog entries on Blogspot. What can I say, just another day in front at a desk in front of a computer when I should be back packing across the Sahara. Oh well!


Adaure said...

Eyes Wide Open.
Shining like Halogen Lamp.
Could its still be the Red Bull?

Nneka's World said...

hmm, Lol! Abeg no kill me this morning oh!
True talk imagine all the cashmere sweaters we could have made with all that goat hair!
Anyway hope you have finished your article

Anonymous said...


Best of luck.
I will definately take you up on that offer. Count me in as one of your first guests in Cali.


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