Sunday, December 18, 2005


Somewhere Brighter, Somewhere Greener...Somewhere Warmer Dude!!!!

When I downloaded JoDee Messina's song, and several other 'Carolina Blues', 'Carolina Dreaming' country honky-tonk songs a few days before my graduation I was certain I was leaving Carolina for good. I didn't have anywhere to go however, so I only got as far as Charlotte and a few months later I was back in the Hill. That was three and a half years ago.
Whenever I am doing my cleaning and not in the mood for my Bollywood theme song (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai), I always play that song, 'Heads Carolina, Tails California'. Little did I know that I'ld be packing up a U-haul Van and heading out that way. Ok! So it's just Delta Airlines.
Yes!! Ma peoples the God we serve is very faithful...I'll be starring in my very own Santa Barbara Soap Opera (how ironic that soap was my favorite in Nigeria). I got the job out in Santa Maria, offered on the spot. Which means that my Countdown clock is stuck. Will not be moving to Nigeria as I had sworn I would do if I didn't get a job offer by December 31st, neither will I be moving into my cousin's house seeing as I don't have January rent (praise God for Western Union). I'll be the dayside assignment editor and will get to report occasionally. That means a few more volunteer work and some Nigerian '19' skills.. the nna '0-9-0' version . Who said 419 only works as a scam... it also works as part of relationship building... learning about golf, fishing and softball with the 'For Dummies' series and knowing all the names, middle names and birthdays of my bosses, their spouses, their children, mother and father etc etc. 'Dey never jam'

Sometimes I can be very shallow. I actually did a coin toss to help me decide whetehr to accept the job. You guessed it...Tails. They'll be paying me in experience, sand and sunshine (new expression I just learned). Anythings better than the pay I was getting, which Singto equates with Janitor salary. I was gonna drive a U-haul and tow 'Grace', my car behind. But after much counsel and consideration I've decided to sell every thing I own which is next to nothing. I was going to ship 'Grace', but the cost of shipping is like $200 more that what I paid for her, so i'm looking for a new home for her.

Gosh!!! I am actually leaving North Carolina. I can't believe it. I was expecting that if I didn't end up as Peter Jennings' or Ted Koppel's AP in New York, to make my way to the coast out in New Bern or Wilmington, or somewhere in South Carolina, but I guess God has other plans so I'll just wait on him because i'm kinda liking this plan that He's jump starting. He better have CNN or something better inked in that plan otherwise He and I will have to have another serious talk.

One problem about California though is coming up with the money to actually get out there. I am believing in God for another miracle. He literally gave me this job so I believe he has plans to find the $3000 + revenue from property sales (and the one month's rent for breaking my lease) that I need to transport my life out that way. Meanwhile, I've unabashedly called some relatives in Charlotte to help out but they've given me the list of who and who died and who they are sending money to for Christmas. Typical!! Was not really putting my eggs in that basket. My aunt in Jersey and my dad might come through for me as always, but this time I plan to pay them back.

Some how I am so excited, but of course sad about my leaving. I am going to especially miss my church and the people. I've always said that I go to church to worship God, which is true, but outside of work, famlily and my circle of friends which is down to just one person, that's the only time I have real and meaningful contact with people. Speaking of work, boy is it bitter sweet leaving ABC 11. It's like graduating from college all over know you gotta go into the real world and make real money, but that means I can't get those free disney passes and free tickets to Broadway-South at the BTI center and i can't flash my ABC News badge at clubs to get in for free anymore....shoot!! I do hope I am that student that passed with flying colors. There are some people I'll miss dearly because they have been friends, mentors, motivators, teachers, counsellors, advisers, encouraged me in my pursuits, shared words of faith, offered help and expertise training, helped shoot my stand ups, took time to watch and criticize my tapes, answer some of my questions, were patient when my Nigerian accent poked it's head out once in a while... etc etc. I'm the luckiest glorified intern yet because three years of intensive coachng and studying will set me apart from the rest out there. There are some that I didn't get a chance to get to know and may be some that I'm indifferent about, who'll of course be that way about me, but overall I believe each individual I have met has had one impact or the other. As I once said certain people you meet become the vestiges of aquaintancy once they've played that role which destiny calls upon them. I would hope I have played a positive role in the lives of my co-workers with and that every thought of me brings, not scorn, but a big-wide ear-to-ear smile.

I'll miss so many things about Chapel Hill and NC, but most of all I'm going to miss my dear friend Ndidi, who's been like a sister to me. When Singto was leaving I cried and I was like 'why am I always saying goodbye to all my friends and never anyone saying goodbye to me'. I guess God's harkened to my cry and I'll get my wish. It's unfortunate the profits from Kleenex won't help Africa so I'll be blowing my nose in my t-shirt.

I know great things are in store for me and I can just feel it. Living in California will be fun especially with all that Sun. I don't know how my Nigerian brothers do it in Alaska and Canada. I function better with warmth and heat. In fact that will be added lubrication to my hardwork. I just need to work extra hard, pray hard, push myself even harder and continuing fighting, also known as hustling (ain't no shame in it). Dreams are powerful and it's not a sin to have big dreams and goals. I'll keep shunning the nay sayers and the 'Doubting Thomases'. Hebrews 10:37 (the only Bible verse I know other than John 3:16, Psalm 23 and 121) starts out For yet in a little while......soon all of this will be 'Once Upon A Time' or as they say in my mother's village "Ifo Chapiiii...wuuoooogh'.


chichi said...

good luck in everything :)

Remi said...

Hey Adaure,
I am so happy for you and I wish u the best.


ndidi said...

You are going to be so missed! I love you sooooooooo much. When I sit down and think of all the things I'll miss about you, it is just too much to mention.

For example, I can call you at any time of the day and night and know that you'll be there to listen even when I'm talking pure trash! Every single holiday you'd make your way to Greensboro to spend time with the family that calls you their own now. I know that once Easter comes everyone will be like "how about Adaure," forgetting that you can't just come to Greensboro like that anymore. Who's gonna tell me about the cute shirt, jeans, shoes, etc. at any given store? Who's gonna call me up when they read, hear, see, etc. something funny/interesting/just daggone dumb? I'm gonna miss my sister. I can't even call you just a friend anymore, you have become a part of my family, like the sister I never had. I mean, don't you agree that we argue and make up like siblings?!

I knew that you would get this job and God knows you truly deserve it. The God we serve has so many wonderful things in store for you. I don't have to tell you to keep your head up and keep trying hard cause, dude, that's what you do! Make me proud in Cali dude and please send me some of your reporting tapes, ok?

I'll be in San Francisco in March and you better come see me. I love you my darling gal!

Nneka's World said...

How far with your move to Cali?
Congratulations my dear!
What a way to start the new year oh!
Anyway my dear you take care of yourself and take it easy with the moving and things, you hear
Anyway happy holidays!

Anonymous said...


Congrats Oh!!! When will I be looking for you on the TV? Congrats gurl! **huggs**


Adaure said...

@ Chichi & Chichi... Thanks a bunchas

@ Ndi.. 'My love' I'll miss you too... about the phone call part... hmh.. we're gonna have to talk about that

@ Nneka.. The move is well 'moving' o. Thanks for the well wishes.. If you ever land that side, you've got a place to crash.

@IB.... MEN!! 'Hapu that thing'.. Let me get there first and we'll cross that bridge.. I still gotta read te contract and add and subtract, and trust my 419 apprentiship to come in handy

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