Saturday, December 31, 2005


Rollercoaster Ride is Over....Thank God

This year 2005 has been one interesting one. Indeed I hit my quarter life crisis. I was starting to pile pictures to review but the task is highly cumbersome. Instead I've decided upon a rhyme in an attempt to explain what the year's been like. I'll slap a pix or two to illustrate. Here goes....

Adaure's Ode to 2005

A year in infamy
2005 shall be
Rolled in she did with more than a double whammy
First came JANUARY,
Oh what Misery
It started out with a quandary,
A major break up and the death of Ebony
How I miss my little Honda baby

Made up with my '04 phone buddy

We'd had a huge fight over IM... how silly
Acting like a school kid...all giddy
I'ld glow at the ring of my celly

Or a chance to edit my essay

While he felt I was wishy washy

My friends sensed something was fishy

My heart said 'you're still too needy'

The head felt 'u're being greedy'

And I thought I was too darn pretty

Oh what the heck, I admit I was in denial.

February came upon me

Like a thief in the night

With none to hold tight

I wished Cupid in all his might

Would bring me a Knight

Got a few calls on Valentine's

But not a cake or bottle of wine

And not one to call mine
March danced in...Yippie!!
It was my birthday
The big two-fivey
Dinner with Ndidi

A gift from Des-mini, Queen B

and ofcourse Toksy

A card from Ms. T and Mr. D,

This one from Seyi was all smily-smily

To Charlottesville I did go

For some interviews and to see WOE

A debut on Raleigh's UPN... so it was just a photo,

For ANTM auditions, I was top two

And so to Dallas I did go

Just before Johny kicked the Bucko

Oopsy that's from double O

April showers washed me up in Greens,

...boro that is

Easter once again with Aunty Amaks,

...Ndidi's mom that is

At a Nigerian party danced we,

Peace, Ndidi and Me

At church the next day

Here seen with Ugo

Gurl that outfit's so yesterday

And I heard someone thought my 'fro was wacky

Summer shined in
T'was all about ISL reuniting
May was uneventful
Except I got swindled
By Haithem the A-rab
Left without a ride
For a whole month
But then June looked hopeful
In NYC for Yomi's sister's nuptuals
Had a blast with Bayode
Wishing AYI was there

Went on a Family retreat to Disney World
Playing Cinderella and riding the Tower of Terror
July was about Goodbye
To my roomates Des and SIngto
Then came back to the ex-factor and my fling
More drama ensuing
Then came more fighting
And in August I knew it was over
Focused on NABJ
and Philly for Linda's wedding
I caught the bouquet
So I guess I'm next

September was indeed wreck-tember
Broken ties and so much temper
Did a few weeding
Don't need people to hamper
Did add a new friend by the name Mo-ho
October was all about the pageant
You've seen those flicks and know the whole story
Went to Florida
But no Hurricane for me
Speaking of that,
To Katrina With Katina I wanted to go
Felt very sad when I was told No
November couldn't wait for December
With Santa and his reindeer
The family got another doctor
and a gift of a new job did he render
So to So Cal I'm off in the New Year

In summary, in 05 I could't decide
On what look I wanted to be
Soho, Boho or a Stepford-like Bree
I searched as I shopped so desprately
I abandonded my Browns and Earthtones
Killed the Teals and Blues
and murdered the Pink and Greens
Many even asked 'Are u a Skee-wee'
Is there a patent or trade mark on that scheme
I mean can a sistuh wear her fave colors without the 'eyeses'
Ok so at heart I am indeed a Wannabe
Hey I hear it's every little black girls dream

Somewhere in there lover boys got axed and so did toxic friends
Decided to turn in my Championship belt.
Tired of doing Devil's work had to give it a rest
Cause even by he, I had been rejected
Gave the choke-hold to the blokes.
Did I mention I was always broke
Went to church more often
With everything in shambles, t'was all I had going
It's no wonder I'll miss it so much
However, I found a new hearthrob
And He's one that'll never fail
Although I'm not perfect and can be tought as nail
He loves me just as I am
Inspite of my meaness, snottiness, temper and all

So as 06 rolls in
There's no need for a resolution
I greet it wide eyed and with a great big smile
Looking up to he heavens for his grace to abide
Jump starting my career,
What more can I ask for.
There's no telling what else good the year holds within
A new life, new friends, starting all over again
Perhaps a new car or even a big ol' ring
Who knows, It's only just beginning
But I gotta start the claiming
Pessimism and negative chi are so last year's thing
Peace out 05, my dear
You sure were one tough cabin biscuit cracker
The kind mama locked away until December
But your times up and you just got blasted away Forever



Ngozi said...

happy new year. love all your looks and especially the fro. that comment by the hater was the only wack thing about it, so hold your chin up.

best regards

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Guy woman.

Happy New Year.

Very colourful photo diary and very interesting features too.

Just represent us well 24/7.
I got your back too.

If you want to network with my Leading Ladies in the US, just let me know. And you will treasure their company.

Check the soul sister TK Jordan on my Kisses & Roses. She is a gifted sister you should get to know.

Don't give up you blog.
It is worthy of your passions.

You deserve a prize for commenting on my BoggyWoggy!


I wish you all the best in 2006.

God bless you always.

Nneka's World said...

Nice photoblog/log of your year.
Hope the moving is not stressing you out too much?
Anyway hope your new year was lovely

wale_ariztos said...

happy new year!

i expected to see acheivements from the miss africa int'l. you made naija proud.

stay blessed.

aint-no-lie said...

So you met Cochran before he kicked the bucket, fancy that!

Lovely pictures. I've been visiting this blog for a while and I have to say to you Adaure: you're a beautiful girl.

Aint no lie about it.

Adaure said...

@Ngozi... same to you, hope you had a wonderful holiday. Don't worry my chin and my nose are already up o...i snob haters and

@OO... what's the prize oh... i hope it's something green with plenty of best wishes for the new year to you too. I will revisit your post on Ms Jordan when my head is cleared and i'll holla at you

@Nne... I am done with my moving, just waiting for the plane t land and carry me o. By the time u read this i'll probably be in ' doubt about it.'

@Wale...same to you bros. I'd already talked too much about it, didn't wanna bore anyone. I'm glad I am contributing my own quota to 'national development'

@ain't no lie... You are too kind, i'm blushing. Yeah I met Mr. Cochran, but that was way back in 2000 (double 0).

Yetty said...

hahahah nice year in review.. I went with you on the happiness and sorrows.. but as you said.. e don pass jare.. 06 BRING IT .. It's on like a mug.. lol. All the best mami..The sky is no longer the limit ;) So aim for space...

Anonymous said...

wow that was so cool i guess everyone had a "rough" year but make urs sound funny. u r talented!!!

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